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The Ashcroft blog provides helpful information about pressure and temperature instruments. Gain the knowledge you need to keep your business running!

Bob DiVita, Director NA Channel Sales

Bob DiVita is the Director of North America Channel Sales here at Ashcroft. Bob has over 40 years of experience at Ashcroft working in many roles ranging from Technical Support, Product Management for Mechanical Pressure & Temperature Instruments and his current role, which is focused on our Channel Partners in North America.

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pressure gauge | bourdon tube

By: Bob DiVita, Director NA Channel Sales
December 12th, 2022

Some specifications for pressure gauges restrict design and manufacturing methods and require a specialized Bourdon tube construction. How the Bourdon tube is constructed can impact gauge life, and if it isn’t constructed in a suitable way for your application, you could face equipment damage. There are many ways to construct a Bourdon tube for your pressure gauge. Which is best for your application? This article will discuss the types of Bourdon tube construction and in which applications they work best.

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Product Selection | Bimetal Thermometers

If your process requires accurate and reliable temperature readings to ensure the protection of your equipment and its operators, you need to use the right bimetal thermometer. If you don’t, you could risk damage to your instrumentation that can bring your business to a halt. But how do you know if you’ve chosen the best bimetal thermometer for your application? There are many factors to consider when choosing one. This article will discuss some of the more important considerations so you can be better prepared to select a high-quality bimetal thermometer.

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Thermowells | Bimetal Thermometers

The thermometer industry is vast with an endless array of temperature measuring instruments of all shapes and sizes. From the thermometer monitoring the temperature of a chemical plant to the one you use to see if your child has a fever, the quality and cost vary greatly.