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Welcome to our Blog page. Our mission is to provide you with technical information that will help you better understand our pressure and temperature instruments. These blogs will provide knowledge and information that will help guide you to make the correct selection of instruments for your industries and applications.

Lou Altieri

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Product Selection

By: Lou Altieri
March 28th, 2019

Welcome to the Ashcroft blog!  We’ve got an important topic to discuss with you today: the overpressure protection option available on our T6500 XRA pressure gauge. Why is this option so important? Because it shields the instrument against overpressure buildup in the system – and can withstand overpressure up to four times the measurement portion of the range. These gauges, also known as retard gauges, are excellent fits for process and industrial applications – particularly those where pressure spikes or overpressure beyond measurement portion of the pressure ranges can occur. An example is the opening or closing of a valve. Pipeline overpressure, faulty regulators, process components (compressor, reciprocating pumps) and other factors can also contribute to this.