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Thermowells | Wake Frequency | Vortex Thermowell

If you work in process industries like oil and gas or chemical/petrochemical, you know that a thermowell is a critical component that can help ensure the safe operation of your systems. That's because it is the thermowell's job to protect the temperature monitoring instruments from system pressure, high-velocity flow and corrosive media. However, keep in mind that selecting the wrong thermowell to do the job can have negative consequences that will put the safety of your process and your people at serious risk. Ashcroft has been in the temperature measurement business for decades. As the firm's temperature product manager, I know that flanged thermowells are typically the preferred choice for these applications because of their design and cost. In reality, though, even when the cost feels prohibitive, there are certain situations where a Vortex Thermowell may be your only option. In this article, you will learn about the forces that can make a thermowell fail and the factors to consider when determining whether the Vortex Thermowell is worth the added expense. You will also get links to additional resources related to this topic that may be of interest to you.

Blog Feature

Thermowells | Wake Frequency

When using a thermowell, it’s important to ensure that it will work in the application. Wake turbulence caused by your process could break the thermowell and damage your temperature equipment. How can you ensure your thermowell is adequate? Calculating thermowell wake frequency can help. In this article, I will explain what thermowell wake frequency is and how to calculate it.

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