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The Ashcroft blog provides helpful information about pressure and temperature instruments. Gain the knowledge you need to keep your business running!

Bobby Gemelas, Product Manager

Bobby Gemelas is the Product Manager for Industrial Transducers and Switches. In his time at Ashcroft, he has been part of several Product Management teams, including Transducers, Mechanical Switches, Electronic Pressure Switches, Digital Gauge, Temperature and RTDs/Thermocouples.

Blog Feature

water & wastewater | pressure switch | mechanical switch

By: Bobby Gemelas, Product Manager
April 29th, 2024

Whether you use industrial storage tanks for harvesting rainwater, providing municipal drinking water, irrigating fields, emergency fire suppression, or other purposes, you know how important it is to maintain accurate tank level pressure. One reliable solution is a pressure switch. This instrument is known for its accuracy, repeatability and versatility in water level management applications in water treatment systems, bubblers, scrubbers, and more. But how do they work? Ashcroft has been manufacturing pressure switches for decades and understands the unique challenges of pressurized tank systems. In this article, you will see how a pressure switch works and learn how multiple tank levels can be monitored and controlled using one or more pressure switch connections. When you are done reading, you will also find additional resources to answer other switch-related questions you may have.

Blog Feature

pressure switch | temperature switch | mechanical switch

By: Bobby Gemelas, Product Manager
November 27th, 2023

If you work in an industry that relies on pressure switches or temperature switches you know that these small devices play a big role in making sure your applications run smoothly and efficiently. But at what price? The short answer is between $50 - $1500. Not helpful, I know. But, if you Google how much these instruments cost, you will be hard-pressed to find an accurate answer. The reason is simple. There are so many factors that go into the price of a switch, it’s nearly impossible to provide any kind of estimate without knowing your specific requirements. As a product manager for industrial switches at Ashcroft – a recognized global leader in temperature and pressure instrumentation - I can help you get closer to a more precise answer. However, keep in mind, this topic covers a lot of ground. So, for the purposes of this article, we will focus on pressure and temperature switches used in industrial applications. When you’re done reading, you will be able to validate the price range you are currently paying. You will also know what to expect if you are searching for a new supplier. Finally, you will be more prepared to make a pressure switch or temperature switch purchasing decision, whether you work with Ashcroft or not.

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Blog Feature

pressure switch | deadband

By: Bobby Gemelas, Product Manager
September 26th, 2022

A pressure switch can help ensure safe, reliable measurements for an application, but only if you fully understand the physics of its mechanics and the various nuances such as the setpoint, reset point and deadband. But what does deadband mean and how does it apply to a pressure switch? This article will explain the meaning of deadband and how it works so you can help ensure continued accuracy for your application.

Blog Feature

Calibration | zero and span

By: Bobby Gemelas, Product Manager
June 20th, 2022

Your pressure sensors are an important part of your application, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements and the safety of your process and its operators. To keep your processes working properly, recalibration of your sensors may be necessary over time. Sensors can degrade over time as components are exposed to wear, temperature and cycling. This can lead to a loss of stability and drift in the output signal of the sensor away from its published specification. Using sensors that cannot be recalibrated would require the replacement of the sensor once it drifted outside of its specifications and its output signal was no longer reliable. This could cause your critical application to shut down temporarily until the sensor can be replaced. A sensor that can be recalibrated will not only prolong the sensor’s life but will have your process back up and running in no time at all. This article will discuss zero and span adjustability and the benefits it can provide to your process.

Blog Feature

Pressure Instruments | pressure switch

By: Bobby Gemelas, Product Manager
February 28th, 2022

Pressure switches are important components in your application and accurate and reliable pressure measurements are key to ensuring a safe and efficient process. An incorrectly specified pressure switch could lead to actuation errors, damaged equipment, worker injury or other dangerous issues.

Blog Feature

electronic pressure switch | pressure switch

By: Bobby Gemelas, Product Manager
August 2nd, 2021

Everyone’s application is different, requiring a wide range of instrumentation for measuring and monitoring. Luckily, there’s a product available for almost everyone now, especially in the pressure switches market. But how do you know what pressure switch is right for your process?