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Product Review: T6500 Ultra-High-Pressure Gauge

pressure gauge | ultra high pressure

Water jet or water blaster applications require specialized equipment to handle the ultra-high pressure involved. If you’re using pressure instruments not designed to handle up to 100,000 psi, you could damage your equipment and disrupt your process.

Ensure you have the right tool for the job with Ashcroft’s new T6500 ultra-high-pressure gauge, specially made for applications using pressurized water to clean surfaces.

This article will detail this new product’s features, specifications and more to help you decide if this is the right pressure gauge for you.

Important Features

The T6500 is perfect for use with pipe cleaning, tank and pressure vessel cleaning, tank trucks, process lines and inside of chemical, biochemical and fusion reactors. It can also be used with high-pressurized water to 100,000 psi, at times mixed with an abrasive, to cut a variety of materials like metal, concrete, stone, asphalt, glass and plastic.

These pressure gauges feature:

  • High pressure up to 100,000 psi (7,000 bar)
  • 100 mm and 160 mm case size
  • Weatherproof protection IP66
  • Dry, liquid filled or PLUS!™ Performance option


This gauge is made with a solid-front, all-welded Stainless steel case and an Inconel 718 bourdon tube that can withstand ultra-high pressure. It is manufactured per EN 837 specifications. The 100 mm case size gauge is available in case materials of 304 Stainless steel (standard) or 316 Stainless steel (YW option).



30,000 psi, 40.000 psi, 60,000 psi, 80,000 psi, 100,000 psi


100 mm, 160 mm

Gauge Accuracy:

1% of span for ranges to 60,000 psi.
Ranges > 60,000 psi 1.6% of span

Process Connection Size:

9/16-18UNF-2B right or left-handed thread
M16 x 1.5 Female

Industries and Applications

This product is ideal for applications including:

  • Water jet
  • Water blaster


The T6500 pressure gauge by Ashcroft is a great option for your ultra-high-pressure applications. The Inconel bourdon tube and solid-front case and rugged durability make this gauge a safe option for your process.

Check out the data sheet for all the specs and more information on this new gauge.

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About Lou Altieri, Product Marketing Leader

Lou Altieri is a Product Marketing Leader with Ashcroft Inc. with more than 41 years of experience. He is responsible for pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, isolation rings and accessories that serve for the oil and gas, chemical/petrochemical, and water/wastewater markets. Lou has a passion for understanding customer needs and providing solutions to their problems. Most recently, to safely protect the gauge from elevated pressure beyond its full-scale range, he released a gauge that can withstand pressure up to 4X the range of the gauge without damaging the instrument. He has authored numerous articles. In his spare time, Lou enjoys power walking, hiking and winemaking.