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pressure gauge | semiconductor industry | high purity

When you think of semiconductors, you may picture all the ways they make our lives easier. After all, we rely on semiconductor applications every day for conveniences like cell phones, computers, cars and other electronic devices. But for those of you who work in semiconductor manufacturing, you also know the demanding and challenging nature of making them. The hazardous nature of the manufacturing process requires stringent protocols, approvals and specialized equipment that can perform with precision and accuracy under harsh conditions. So, when it comes to monitoring the distribution of ultra-high purity (UHP) gases flowing through the process, choosing the right pressure gauge is critical. As a product lead at Ashcroft – a recognized authority in pressure and temperature instrumentation - I have been working with Ultra High Purity (UHP) Pressure Gauges for several years. In my role, I am often asked how to choose the right UHP gauge for these kinds of applications. Of course, my answer is, it depends. In this article, I will review how and where semiconductors are made, the role UHP gases play in the manufacturing process and the specific features you will need when choosing a pressure gauge for UHP applications. When you are finished reading, you will also see additional resources that you can use as a reference on the topic of high purity.