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Welcome to our Blog page. Our mission is to provide you with technical information that will help you better understand our pressure and temperature instruments. These blogs will provide knowledge and information that will help guide you to make the correct selection of instruments for your industries and applications.

Eric Deoliveira, Product Marketing Leader

Eric Deoliveira is a Product Marketing Leader at Ashcroft, Inc. He is currently responsible for pressure gauges, sanitary gauges, high-purity gauges, diaphragm seals and isolation rings. He’s been with Ashcroft since 2015 and spent 3 years as a Product Support Engineer for Mechanical Temperature before transitioning into the Product Manager role. Eric enjoys coming up with solutions for customer problems and introducing new products to satisfy the needs of the market. When not working on his products, he is out golfing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

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sanitary gauge | pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry require strict control over facility conditions to prevent product contamination and ensure product integrity. The performance of these processes relies on accurate and reliable instrumentation that meets the regulatory standards needed for safety and cleanliness. So, what makes the best pressure instrument for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications?

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pressure gauge | reed switch

High-purity applications require a particular type of pressure gauge to ensure accuracy, safety and repeatability. The materials from which it’s made and its safety features must be specialized for harsh environments. Do you have the right high-purity pressure gauge for your process? Do you need enough space to have multiple devices measuring your process?

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pressure gauge | safety features

Your business depends on reliable, accurate and safe pressure measurements and instruments to keep running smoothly. Some pressure gauges even offer safety features to ensure that your workers are protected from harm.

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pressure gauge | sanitary gauge

Industries such as food/beverage, paint applications, pharmaceutical and biotech have strict sanitary requirements to ensure that their products are manufactured in a clean and safe environment. Therefore, the pressure measuring instruments used in these applications must meet the same sanitary requirements.

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Product Selection | pressure gauge

Not all pressure gauges are created equal. They vary by size, material, cost, range and other features. But for those looking for a small, economical option that still offers the advanced features of a larger gauge, Ashcroft’s new 8008S pressure gauge could be the top choice for you.

Blog Feature

pressure gauge | semiconductor industry

Semiconductor applications require specialized equipment to handle gas applications and the corrosive fluids involved in wafer manufacturing and plating processing. Reliability and safety are crucial characteristics for pressure measuring instruments in these situations. So, what is the best type of pressure gauge to use for the corrosive fluids in the semiconductor industry?