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The Ashcroft blog provides helpful information about pressure and temperature instruments. Gain the knowledge you need to keep your business running!

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If you are having difficulty understanding the differences between the Buy American Act (BAA) and Build America Buy America Act (BABAA), and how to ensure you comply with their requirements, you are not alone. Similar names and overlapping purposes make it easy to be confused about which law applies to you and how to ensure the products you purchase are in compliance with the law. As a global manufacturer of industrial pressure and temperature instrumentation for industries serving customers in the United States, Ashcroft understands how these laws affect our company and our customers. To help guide you, we’ve compiled a list of some of our customers’ frequently asked questions and documented our responses in this article. Read on for a high-level review of the BAA Act and BABAA Act, including similarities and differences between, the considerations for purchasing products for use in U.S.-based projects and how Ashcroft can help you find pressure and temperature instrumentation that meet your specific needs.

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Product Selection | pressure gauge | overpressure

If your application can experience overpressure, your pressure gauge needs to withstand those negative effects. Pressure line spikes and “water hammer” may introduce pressure beyond the operating range of the instrument and cause damage. How can you protect your pressure gauge from the impacts of overpressure? This article will discuss some of the options available for overpressure protection to keep your application running, even in harsh environments.

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Product Selection | Bimetal Thermometers

If your process requires accurate and reliable temperature readings to ensure the protection of your equipment and its operators, you need to use the right bimetal thermometer. If you don’t, you could risk damage to your instrumentation that can bring your business to a halt. But how do you know if you’ve chosen the best bimetal thermometer for your application? There are many factors to consider when choosing one. This article will discuss some of the more important considerations so you can be better prepared to select a high-quality bimetal thermometer.

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Product Selection | pressure switch

With more automated and integrated systems running businesses around the globe, there is a growing need to protect system operators. Putting additional safety measures in place can help prevent worker injury or damage to your equipment.

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Product Selection | pressure gauge

Not all pressure gauges are created equal. They vary by size, material, cost, range and other features. But for those looking for a small, economical option that still offers the advanced features of a larger gauge, Ashcroft’s new 8008S pressure gauge could be the top choice for you.

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Product Selection | pressure gauge | gauge replacement

Your pressure gauge performs an important role in your application, and if it stops working then your entire process can come to an abrupt halt. If you replace it with the wrong gauge, it can cost you time, money and the safety of your personnel. Replacing your pressure gauge with the most suitable match will ensure that your process can keep operating safely and efficiently. But how do you identify your existing gauge and the replacement you should buy?