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Calibration | zero and span

By: Bobby Gemelas, Product Manager
June 20th, 2022

Your pressure sensors are an important part of your application, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements and the safety of your process and its operators. To keep your processes working properly, recalibration of your sensors may be necessary over time. Sensors can degrade over time as components are exposed to wear, temperature and cycling. This can lead to a loss of stability and drift in the output signal of the sensor away from its published specification. Using sensors that cannot be recalibrated would require the replacement of the sensor once it drifted outside of its specifications and its output signal was no longer reliable. This could cause your critical application to shut down temporarily until the sensor can be replaced. A sensor that can be recalibrated will not only prolong the sensor’s life but will have your process back up and running in no time at all. This article will discuss zero and span adjustability and the benefits it can provide to your process.