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The Ashcroft blog provides helpful information about pressure and temperature instruments. Gain the knowledge you need to keep your business running!

Mark Zabawa, Director of North America OEM/Direct Sales

Mark Zabawa is the Director of North America OEM/Direct Sales here at Ashcroft. He has spent the past 25+ years in the pressure sensor/transducer industry, with 15 of those years at Ashcroft. Mark has been in roles ranging from Technical Support and Product Management to Regional and National Sales, and his current role is focused on OEM Direct Sales.

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pressure transducers | pressure sensors

Your pressure sensor is a vital component of your equipment or system. When properly specified your system will operate safely and to expected performance levels over the design life of the system or equipment, but only if you have the right sensor that’s appropriate for your application. The wrong pressure sensor can result in equipment damage, worker injury or out-of-specification measurements. So, how can you ensure you choose the right one?

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Hydraulic machinery exceeds nearly every other mechanical form of power transmission when it comes to working in extreme environments. Excavators, tree harvesters, mining and tow trucks and other hydraulic vehicles perform the harshest tasks on uneven terrains with heavy loads that apply tremendous forces on hydraulic systems. These tasks can generate extreme shock and vibrations, as well as dramatic changes in temperature, dust and moisture. In addition, pressure spikes/impulses generated within hydraulic systems can present a significant challenge to the reliability of internal components like pressure instruments. So, how can you optimize the performance of your mobile hydraulics against hazards?

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pressure transducers

There is a wide range of pressure transducers on the market today, with a range of costs to match. I’ve been in the pressure sensor/transducer industry for over 20 years in various product management and sales roles, and in that time I have learned first-hand the many factors that influence price. This article provides insight into the cost drivers for the Industrial User & Industrial OEM market to help you understand how much your transducer will cost.