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Welcome to our Blog page. Our mission is to provide you with technical information that will help you better understand our pressure and temperature instruments. These blogs will provide knowledge and information that will help guide you to make the correct selection of instruments for your industries and applications.

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measurement instrument accessories | instrument assembly

Instrument assemblies can help protect your equipment and ensure reliable and accurate pressure readings of your process. Assemblies that include accessories such as diaphragm seals, capillary, pulsation dampeners and Ashcroft type 2198 and 1198 siphons can help mitigate extreme effects, including high temperature, pulsation and vibration. Along with dissipating these effects, diaphragm seals/instrument isolators can prevent clogging of the instrument from a dirty process. A seal is also available in many wetted materials for compatibility with the process, making them a popular choice to mount to instruments. But what is a welded instrument assembly and when is it appropriate to use one?