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Isolation Rings | water & wastewater | diaphragm seals

By: Hope Karimi-Sheumaker
April 24th, 2023

Diaphragm seals and isolation rings are both integral to the safe and efficient operation of your application. Whether it is a chemical plant, water treatment plant or mining facility, isolators such as diaphragm seals and isolation rings are used throughout the plant to protect instrumentation from harsh process media. But what’s the difference between the two? When would you use a diaphragm seal instead of an isolation ring? Throughout my career, I’ve heard this question a lot. This article will describe the two and explain the situations in which you would use one over the other and why.

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diaphragm seals | flushing port

A diaphragm seal is a useful accessory to protect your pressure measurement instruments from corrosive media or clogging from sludge or slurries, especially in wastewater processing. But diaphragm seals can also be at risk of clogging, which can lead to equipment failure and put a stop to your process. So, how can you help protect your diaphragm seal from the negative effects of this type of process media?

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pressure gauge | measurement instrument accessories | diaphragm seals

By: Lou Altieri, Product Marketing Leader
February 9th, 2022

Pressure gauges are often used in challenging environments where they could be exposed to extreme temperatures that may damage them or impact their accuracy.

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measurement instrument accessories | diaphragm seals

By: John Varkonda, Former Product Manager
January 31st, 2022

Diaphragm seals are a vital component to many applications that must ensure the safety of pressure measurement instruments in harsh environments. A quality diaphragm seal can provide a leak-tight and corrosion-resistant seal between a pressure instrument and your process. For many applications, a flanged diaphragm seal connection provides a convenient way to attach instrumentation directly onto flanged process piping without having to use threaded connections. But how do you properly install a flanged diaphragm seal to maximize its benefits?

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accuracy | measurement instrument accessories | diaphragm seals

There’s a wide range of accessories for your pressure instruments that can help make your process safer, more efficient and precise. Snubbers, dampeners, capillaries, pressure limiting valves, siphons and other accessories are common additions to the most challenging applications. One question I’ve heard often during my time in this industry is: do these accessories impact the accuracy of pressure measuring instruments?