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The Ashcroft blog provides helpful information about pressure and temperature instruments. Gain the knowledge you need to keep your business running!

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water & wastewater | Pressure Instruments | diaphragm seals

By: Hope Karimi-Sheumaker
January 29th, 2024

If you work in a production plant or facility that uses highly corrosive process media, you likely own diaphragm seals to protect the sensing element of your pressure instrumentation from getting damaged. Without that protection, your whole operation can be compromised. But how can you be sure your diaphragm seal is performing properly? Ashcroft, a leader in pressure and temperature measurement, provides training on different aspects of these devices. In fact, as a territory manager, I have been training product distributors on this very topic for years. Now I want to share this information with you. In this article, I will cover how diaphragm seals are used in different applications and the steps you can take to ensure these instruments perform as you need them to.

Blog Feature

Isolation Rings | water & wastewater

By: Darren Lewandowski
May 15th, 2023

For applications that may expose instrumentation (such as pressure gauges, pressure switches or pressure transmitters) to clogging or corrosion it is appropriate to isolate the instrument from the process.

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Blog Feature

Isolation Rings | water & wastewater | diaphragm seals

By: Hope Karimi-Sheumaker
April 24th, 2023

Diaphragm seals and isolation rings are both integral to the safe and efficient operation of your application. Whether it is a chemical plant, water treatment plant or mining facility, isolators such as diaphragm seals and isolation rings are used throughout the plant to protect instrumentation from harsh process media. But what’s the difference between the two? When would you use a diaphragm seal instead of an isolation ring? Throughout my career, I’ve heard this question a lot. This article will describe the two and explain the situations in which you would use one over the other and why.

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Isolation Rings | water & wastewater

By: John Varkonda, Former Product Manager
October 18th, 2021

The pressure instrument mounting accessories you select to protect your instruments can help ensure safe and accurate measurements. In the water and wastewater industry, combining instruments with accessories like isolation rings, referred to as an assembly here, can prevent pump damage, clogging and other problems if designed properly. So, how do you ensure the proper design of assemblies using isolation rings?

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pressure gauge | Isolation Rings | water & wastewater

To ensure the highest quality of water for use across many essential industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, you need the right tool for the job. From material processing and waste management to personal use, a steady supply of application-appropriate water is essential. But how do you know if your water quality is sufficient?