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Welcome to our Blog page. Our mission is to provide you with technical information that will help you better understand our pressure and temperature instruments. These blogs will provide knowledge and information that will help guide you to make the correct selection of instruments for your industries and applications.

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electronic pressure switch | pressure switch

By: Bobby Gemelas, Product Specialist
August 2nd, 2021

Everyone’s application is different, requiring a wide range of instrumentation for measuring and monitoring. Luckily, there’s a product available for almost everyone now, especially in the pressure switches market. But how do you know what pressure switch is right for your process?

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RTD | temperature sensor | thermocouple

I was recently involved in an industrial project for a client’s critical application that required RTDs and thermocouples. The buyer’s main concern seemed to be the cost, assuming that all temperature sensors probably cost the same.  


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pressure gauge | steam siphon

By: Paul Francoletti, Product Manager
July 19th, 2021

A steam siphon can be a useful device for protecting your pressure gauges or other instrumentation. The steam siphon is a simple device with a crucial benefit of protecting the instrument from elevated process temperature.

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Transducer | Hydrogen

You can find hydrogen in a wide range of industrial applications and processes just about everywhere these days. Hydrogen is one of the fastest-growing alternative energy resources used today. Some of its uses include:

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Thermowells | Bimetal Thermometers

The thermometer industry is vast with an endless array of temperature measuring instruments of all shapes and sizes. From the thermometer monitoring the temperature of a chemical plant to the one you use to see if your child has a fever, the quality and cost vary greatly.

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Hydraulic machinery exceeds nearly every other mechanical form of power transmission when it comes to working in extreme environments. Excavators, tree harvesters, mining and tow trucks and other hydraulic vehicles perform the harshest tasks on uneven terrains with heavy loads that apply tremendous forces on hydraulic systems.