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Welcome to our Blog page. Our mission is to provide you with technical information that will help you better understand our pressure and temperature instruments. These blogs will provide knowledge and information that will help guide you to make the correct selection of instruments for your industries and applications.

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pressure gauge | instrument storage

How many times have you gone to the refrigerator for a glass of milk only to find it has spoiled? How about that classic car you want to drive, just to find the battery dead and tires flat? These are just two examples of how inadequate storage and lack of periodic inspections can significantly alter experiences. Your pressure gauge needs to be stored in a manner that ensures it’s in working order when you’re ready to use it. If not, it could end up damaged or out of calibration.

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Thermowells | Bimetal Thermometers | thermocouple

Thermowells are essential to protecting your thermometer or temperature sensor in your high-pressure or high-temperature applications. They can protect your investment and keep your measurements accurate, no matter how extreme the environment. One of the top questions we receive here at Ashcroft from those in the temperature measurement industry is how to properly fit a thermowell. What measurements are needed? What is a u-dimension and how does it factor in? Many factors are at play, and it can be easy to get the wrong size if you aren’t paying attention.


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Product Selection | Bimetal Thermometers

If your process requires accurate and reliable temperature readings to ensure the protection of your equipment and its operators, you need to use the right bimetal thermometer. If you don’t, you could risk damage to your instrumentation that can bring your business to a halt. But how do you know if you’ve chosen the best bimetal thermometer for your application? There are many factors to consider when choosing one. This article will discuss some of the more important considerations so you can be better prepared to select a high-quality bimetal thermometer.

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Product Selection | pressure switch

With more automated and integrated systems running businesses around the globe, there is a growing need to protect system operators. Putting additional safety measures in place can help prevent worker injury or damage to your equipment.

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pressure gauge | reed switch

High-purity applications require a particular type of pressure gauge to ensure accuracy, safety and repeatability. The materials from which it’s made and its safety features must be specialized for harsh environments. Do you have the right high-purity pressure gauge for your process? Do you need enough space to have multiple devices measuring your process?

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pressure gauge | direct drive gauge | liquid filled gauge

Your application requires specialized pressure measuring equipment that has the proper accuracy, safety and quality features you need. If your application involves excessive pulsation and/or vibration you need to take measures to protect your pressure gauge from damage.